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Keeping your site current and relevant is just as important as building the site initially. Oudates staff listing, job listings and event listings can make your company seem like it's out of business.  Site maintenance may include:

Evolution Technology prides itself on providing quick and accurate updates for our clients.  Whether we built your site initially, retrofitted your site for 508 compliance, or if you have an existing site that needs modification, we can help get your site up to date and help make sure it stays that way.

Evolution Technologies offers several site maintenance plans.  Site maintenance in billed hourly in 15 minute increments.  We guarantee a 2-day turn around time on edits, and we usually complete simple maintenance requests within 24 hours of receiving your information. Please note that redesigning your website, changing the navigational system of your site, installing forms and scripts and other coplex tasks do not have  a2-day turn around time guarantee. 

If you expect  to update or revise your website on a regular basis, consider a money saving website maintenance plan.

Website Maintenance Plans

Bronze plan: ($25 - $50 per month).

Perfect for small, static sites that require only occasional updates and minor edits.

With a 6-month contract, we will include a link check and search engine assessment.

Silver Plan: $120 per month

Includes one hour of HTML/CSS maintenance updates and one hour of web programming services per month; or two hours of consultations, graphics work, updates and additions.  Can roll over up to 1 hour of unused time per month.  Also includes quarterly link checks and search engine assessment and internal search engine update.

Gold Plan: $225 per month

Includes four hours of programming or update maintenance hours and a 10% discount on hourly rates for additional hours needed for site changes and maintenance.  Can roll over up to 2 hours of unused time per month.  Includes quarterly link checks and search engine assessment and internal search engine update.

Platinum Plan:

For the "last minute" client who doesn't want us to be, we can place you on a "update immediately" plan, where when edits are recieved, we will put someone on your project as soon as is possible.

Standard Maintenance

If you don't anticipate the need or desire to edit, revise or update your site, you may contact us at any time for simple HTML and CSS maintenance at a rate of $75 per hour.  Programming and Flash maintenance is billed at a rate of $100 per hour. Time is charged in 15 minute increments.

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