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Stratton Gardens

Stratton Garden Homes: Coded in DHTML with images optimized to load quickly.  Interesting effects include DHTML navigation bar, falling snowflakes and attractive forms.

2004 Big W Awardee for Best Web Site!

Fundamental Capital: Coded with HTML, DHTML and JavaScript, with Flash elements incorporated into most pages, this attractive site feature Drop Down menus, matching scroll bars, attractive forms and a dynamic home page coded in DHTML. Fundamental Capital
Lynn Sien Designs Lynn Sien Designs: E-Commerce website incorporating third party shopping cart, Flah intro highlighting bestsellers. Coded in HTML and CSS with Flash and JavaScript effects.  The elegant site, selling unique pearl and jade necklaces, is reflective of it's target market.  Using a third party shopping cart, I designed, coded, maintain and provide marketing for this start up jewelry company.
Cyclone Cyclone Microsystems: Codes in XHTML, this site features DHTML drop down menus, #1 search engine placement for over 50% of products presented and high resolution magnification of products that use up minimal bandwidth.
Words and Ideas Now: This business portfolio site is coded with HTML, CSS and Flash and is 508 (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.  Each page is incredibly quick to download, using CSS instead of images to create the layout, look and effects (there are only 5 images on each page).  Each section has an imaginative Flash intro that is short enogh for even those with the worst attention spans. Words and Ideas Now
Congregation B'Nai Isreal Website Congregation B'nai Yisrael: Non-profit - www.cbyarmonk.org - Religious organization website. Accessible website was developed using photoshop for the images. Site was handcoded incorporating Cascading Style Sheet and downloadable PDF forms.
Crystal Bay Foods: E-commerce site - www.crystalbayfoods.com
An e-commerce site for a meat, poultry and seafood distributor incorporating a shopping cart.  SEO optimization for this site helped lead it to the first page of google within two weeks of site launch. Navigation is dynamically generated for easy updating, and the visitor can reach any page of the site from every page.
Crystal Bay Foods
Site No Longer L A d e m a r   D a p a z: Personal Business Site www.a d e m a r d a p a z.com - developed using Photoshop and JavaScript, this small (4 page) site is elegant and simple.  This site is no longer live, but the link above is to a portfolio of the site I coded.(weird spacing and typos is so that search engines don't find it).
Children's Skin Disease Foundation: Non-profit site using table-less, American's with Disabilities Act compliant coding.  Site is completely printable, PDA friendly and includes a bookmark icon of the logo Children's Skin Disease Foundation
Additional Sites (click on image to open live site in new window)
A P I A H F Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum: Non-Profit - www.apiahf.org A usable and accessible website, incorporating a site based search engine. Cascading Style sheets help ensure that this site is ADA compliant, quick to download, and easy for the client to update.
Morgan Ranch Morgan Ranch: E-Commerce - www.morganranchinc.com - Incorporated an external, 3rd-party shopping cart, a Flash introduction, Cascading Style Sheets for site uniformity, drop down menus using CSS and JS. I manage the entire site, including search engine marketing and placement.  This site used to include a JavaScript hand-coded shopping cart, please see shopping cart portfolio to witness my skills
Personal Chef Jen Personal Chef Jen: Catering Business - www.personalchefjen.com
Small business website that is 508 compliant and uses cascading style sheets. This site is quick to load, incorporates a Flash navigation bar with redundant navigation at the bottom to ensure maximum accessibility. Design and coded with a one week turn around! The site is completely designed using CSS, so the client can update easily without knowing extensive HTML.
Invest RX InvestRx: B-2-B site - www.InvestRx.com
Two days turn-around between the order and the final project! a private equity firm that acquires and invests in profitable healthcare-related companies. Developed a logo and look for this b-2-b site.
Andrea Stuart Andrea Stuart: B-2-B site - www.AndreaStuart.com
This wholesale business to business distribution site includes a password protected area... so you will have to ask to see the line sheets!
Sensible Success

Sensible Success: B-2-B site - www.SensibleSuccess.com
Logo, flash and web development for this chiropractic development website

Pick-A-Movie Pizza and Video Delivery service Pick-A-Movie: E-commerce site - www.Pick-A-Movie.com
Local delivery of pizza and/or a movie serving San Francisco. Pick-A-Movie.com includes an incredibly complex javascript that totals your bill no matter what you order!
Independent Women's Business Alliance Independent Women's Business Alliance: - www.iwbasf.com - Using Cascading Style Sheets, this frame based site is Section 508 compliant, easily updateable and quick to download.
SFGrrlz SFGrrlz: Internet based community - www.sfgrrlz.com - Focusing on Usability and Accessibility, this information oriented site is quick to download, cross platform and browser compatible, and incorporates a PHP calendar.
Cara Judea Aldehoff Cara Judea: Portfolio and personal business website - www.carajudea.com
Yoga Instructor and Photographer's website
  Estelle Weyl: Personal Portfolio - www.EstelleWeyl.com
Campbell Vines Grease is the Word Wedding WebsiteWedding Websites: www.GreaseIsTheWord.NET and www.Campbellvines.com (ask for password)

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